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There are 10 basic rules of bowling.

  1. You get two chances to knock down all ten bowling pins. Roll one ball at a time. 
  2. Each set of two chances is called a frame. There are ten frames in a game. 
  3. If you knock down all the pins on your first ball, you rolled a strike!
  4. If you knock down all the pins with your second ball, you rolled a spare!
  5. Count the pins you knocked down, then wait for your next turn. Spares and strikes count extra.
  6. Only roll the ball from behind the foul line! Your toes should be behind the line at all times.
  7. Wear bowling shoes. (You know you want to). 
  8. If the person in the next lane is about to bowl, wait for them to go first. It's polite!
  9. If you roll a strike or a spare in the 10th frame, you get to roll again - one more time for a spare and two more times for a strike. 
  10. Aim for a perfect score of 300! 

The most important rule, of course, is to have fun! Laugh, enjoy, and embrace the spirit of friendly competition.

It depends on who you ask! While it is more commonly considered a recreational game or hobby, bowling was featured as a demonstration sport in both the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. No professional bowlers participated in these demonstrations, but 20 nations were represented across Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Bowling has also been featured in the Pan American games since 1991, alongside volleyball, handball, racquetball, and over twenty other sports. Some schools have bowling teams that compete against other schools, and there are professional bowling tournaments.

On the other hand, bowling is more commonly associated with amateur games of skill and strategy such as billiards (pool). These games require physical effort, coaching, and practice in order to become good at it. They're also usually played in groups or teams, which is similar to a sport. Bowling is considered by most to be a leisure activity, since it is often done while socializing, eating, and drinking. (Check out our awesome Kitchen & Bar!)

If you have a large group and are planning to book multiple lanes of five or six people each, one game will take at least one hour. If you are planning to bowl by yourself or with just a friend or two, the game could be much shorter. Keep in mind that after each roll, you wait for your ball to come back to you. It also depends on how fast you can roll the ball, and how long you have to wait for the other players to come back from the snack bar!

Costume are permitted at BetFiery with the following guidelines 

  1. Safety: Make sure your costume allows for safe mobility and visibility. Avoid costumes that obstruct your vision, impede your ability to walk, or pose a safety hazard to yourself or others.
  2. Respect for Others: Be considerate of cultural sensitivities and avoid costumes that perpetuate stereotypes or mock specific groups of people.
  3. Weapons and Props: If your costume includes props or toy weapons, make sure they are clearly fake and cannot be mistaken for real weapons. Some venues may have strict rules about such items.
  4. Hygiene: Ensure your costume is clean and does not create a mess. If your costume involves face paint, be mindful of not transferring it onto others or their belongings.
  5. Public Nudity: Full or partial nudity is generally not appropriate, even on Halloween. Always ensure your costume covers the essential areas

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